The Southern African Historical Society is an active network for communication among professional historians located throughout the subcontinental region and the organisational home for the accredited South African Historical Journal.

In June 2013, our 24th Biennial Conference will be held at the University of Botswana, Gaborone Campus. The conference emblem and artwork is based on a statuary in front of the UB Library commemorating the National Fund-raising Campaign (One Man, One Beast) conducted in 1976 to generate funds to develop the new University College of Botswana Campus following the dissolution of UBLS. The lettering style based on Judy Seidman’s 1970s posters designed in Gaborone as part of the Medu Art Ensemble, which also hosted the 1982 Arts Conference on UB Campus and the National Museum.


Some media commentary on this year's conference appear in the links below:

Landmark historical society meeting held in Botswana By Sheldon G Weeks,

Historians hold first conference outside South Africa in 48 years by Tsaone Segaetsho,

Southern African Historical Society gathers in Gaborone By Chris Saunders,


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